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The login for Novell is a little more difficult than just clicking Ctrl-Alt-Del and then type your name and password.

You'll notice that even the Ctrl-Alt-Del Screen looks different. If you have already logged in successfully then you should be able to just type in your password and click enter. Other wise you may want to check these steps to see what you're missing.

First you need to click on the Windows NT tab as indicated below: Notice that there is no check in the "Windows NT login only box.

If there is a check on your machine you need to remove it.

Also make sure that the From: section is designated to TEXTILES_NT. Put your login id in the Local Username box. Then click on the Login tab.

The Login TAB

There are a few things to take note of here. The first thing is the Name: box. This should be your login name.

The next text box is your context login. As you see in this example the model is: second letter.firstletter.users The users is always constant. another example for sgdunnin would be g.s.users.

If this box is grayed out then you need to go to the step above and take the check out of the box. Next type your password and click OK. You should be able to login.