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Syncing the iPod with Oracle Calendar is quite easy. What follows are directions for the Windows and Mac platforms.

Windows Syncing

You will need to have three pieces of software installed; Outlook, The Outlook conduit for Oracle Calendar, and the most recent version of iTunes, version 5.0.

Here are the steps:

  1. Install iTunes and ensure the iPod is syncing correctly with the PC.
  2. Install Outlook. You do not need to configure Outlook, if you are not interested in using Outlook as a email client.
  3. Install the Oracle Calendar Conduit. You will be prompted for information concerning the calendar location ( and your email information.
  4. From inside of iTunes, right-click on your mounted iPod, and select iPod Options.
  5. Select the "tab" for Calendars, and then select the calendar(s) you want to sync.

When you close this dialog box, syncing will begin. You may get a requester from Outlook informing you that an outside application is accessing your email client. Select "10 minutes" from the pull down requester, and grant access to the outside application (which is iTunes).

After a minute or two, your calendar will be synced. Mac OS X Syncing

Oracle Calendar with the iPod under Mac OS X requires three pieces of software to be installed. You will need:

   * To have iTunes installed. While you do not need the latest version, why not get it?
   * To have a the Oracle Calendar Desktop Client for Mac OS X installed and configured correctly (ie it is currently seeing your calendar).
   * A third party application to migrate your Oracle Calendar data to iCal, where it can then be synced with your iPod, which is OraCal2iCal.

Here's the steps required:

  1. Open Oracle Calendar, and download a copy of your calendar to a local file (File Menu, Download to Local File).
  2. Run the application OraCal2iCal. As the application suggests, do not use your computer for other things while it's running (it only takes a minute or so to complete). If it doesn't complete successfully (which happens only occasionally), try downloading a new copy of your calendar and try again.
  3. Ensure your iPod is connected to your computer, and open iTunes if it is not already open. Option-Click (or right-click if you have a two button mouse) on your iPod and select "iPod options".
  4. Select the Calendar tab, and then select your calendar(s) you would like to be synced. If you do not register OraCal2iCal, it will name your synced Oracle calendar as "Unregistered ---- OraCal2iCal".

After you close the dialog box, the iPod will be updated with your calendar.