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Sony has several models that come equipped with the 802.11b wireless standard that is available on our campus. Unfortunately, they chose to not use a simple wizard driven interface for configuration. It is not hard to use, but it's not obvious either. First, you need to Select Clie's Preferences.

Select the Preference Panel for Networking from the pull down menu in the upper right hand corner. Two Buttons on this screen are important. The Connect button will cause the Clie to attempt to connect to a wireless network. The Details button will allow us to configure which wireless access point we would like to connect to. If you are having difficulty connecting, this is a good place to start.

The Details screen lists all the access points that are currently known by the Clie. You can manually select an access point from here, or if you do not know the name of the Access point, and it's name is publically broadcast (which is not the case for secure, closed networks) you can select Scan.

This screen shows the result of doing a network scan. In this case, there were three access points found, two with the name NCSU. It should be noted that the signal strength for all of these access points is very low. Typically signal strength of 70 or above is preferable for good performance. Pick the access point with the best signal strength from the list, and press the "Select" button.

After that, you will be back at the Details screen. If you are not already connected at this point, you can select "Connect" to have the Clie connect to a network.

If your wireless network requires authenication before use, you should now go to a web browser and log in. The Browser should already detect that you are connected to a network.