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Information within this system refers to an ITECS service. Please visit http://www.itecs.ncsu.edu for official documentation.

Access to Eos labs is restricted to the College of Engineering. Students must be enrolled in at least one engineering course to use EOS workstations. Unlike EOS labs, Unity labs in the library and around campus can be used by all students at the University, regardless of the department or College. ITECS is responsible for the labs and operators in Daniels Hall and Engineering Building II, and all workstations in the EOS labs. WolfCopy is responsible for maintenance and support of lab printers.


Main Campus: 204 Daniels, 2408 Broughton, 106 Park Shops
Centennial Campus: 1008 & 3003 EB1, EB2 (Coming Spring 2006), 300 EGRC

A complete list of EOS labs and their hours of operation can be found on the EOS labs page. The labs are staffed and/or maintained by EOS operators.


The labs contain an assortment of platforms, which include Windows XP, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Solaris 8. Users of the labs have access to many different software packages, including but not limited to:

Mswin.jpg Redhat.png Sun logo.jpg
Microsoft Office Open Office Star Office
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat
Matlab Matlab Matlab
MathCad Maple Maple
Maple Cadence Cadence
AutoCad Synopsys Synopsys

A complete list of workstations and their OS can be found on the EOS labs page.
To obtain a complete list of software on EOS computers, please visit the Eos Software webpage.

EOS Operators

The primary responsibilities of the EOS Operator are to assist students with the usage of NCSU Realm Solaris, and EOS "Zen" Windows 2000 workstations in a clustered lab environment, diagnose and report system problems, and perform basic network and workstation troubleshooting on both hardware and software levels. All EOS Operators are also expected to enforce user policies, report violations to the proper persons, and help maintain a professional lab atmosphere conducive to learning.

The Eos Operators in the public labs are hired to help answer any questions you may have and to fix any problems you may encounter while using the public labs. If, for some reason, you find yourself in need of assistance, then just mosey on up to an operator and request some help. They are trained to provide aid for the users of the NC State network. If, for some reason, you are unable to locate the Eos Operator, or have stumbled upon a problem they are unable to assist you with, e-mail the ITECS Help Desk.