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How To Wiki

This page will guide you into creating wiki pages on here. Normally a magician does not give away his secrets, but because I am about to be fired (and by fired I mean the school year is ending), I shall pass my wisdom onto some other poor unfortunate soul who gets stuck doing this.


This is a category. Notice the How To Wiki section, and then this Category section. Here's how its done.

Put == on both sides of the category name - ==Example==

To make a subcategory, place one more equals sign next to the subcategories name than the head category has. For example:

===Example=== <---head category ====SubCategoryExample==== <---subcategory You must have a main category (2 equals signs only ) before you can have a subcategory.


You will need images to reinforce some of your how to pages. You need to upload the image file first. To do so, click upload file under the toolbox menu on the left side of this screen.

For GIF files:


For PDF files:

Media: imageName.PDF

For any other files, use the Image command first, then the media command.

Bolding and Imaging

To bold something, place three ' symbols on each side of the word. To italicize something, place two ' symbols on each side. You can bold and italicize a word by putting five ' symbols on each side of the word. You cannot put more than five or it will have no effect.


Linking to pages within the wiki and outside the wiki is very helpful.

Inner Linking

If you want to link a page within a wiki, all you need is the full page name, e.g. Calendar or Calendar:Meetings

To create the link, type theNameYouWantToReferItBy

For Example: Access Rights will appear as Access Rights

Outer Linking

To link to a page outside the wiki, know the full URL of the site (including the http:// bit)

To create the link, type [theFullURL theNameYouWantToReferItBy]

For Example: [http s:// NCSUEmail] will appear as NCSUEmail


Listing is another tool that is extremely useful on how to pages

Numbered Listing

To make a list that looks like this:

  1. Example
  2. Example 2
  3. Example 3

Just put the # symbol at the beginning of a line. If you put a blank line in between two numbered lines, the second numbered line will reset to a number 1.

You can nest lists by adding ## to a line directly under a # line. Example:

  1. Example
    1. Nested Example
    2. Another Nested Example
      1. A Nested, Nested Example
  2. Example 2

You can add as many # signs as necessary as long as there is a line with one less above it without being broken.

Indented Listing

To indent lists, follow the same rules as numbered listings but use the * symbol instead of the # symbol. It will look like:

  • Example
  • Example 2
  • Example 3


  • Example
    • Nested Example
      • Nested Nested Example
    • Another Nested Example
      • Another Nested Nested Example
  • Example