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Print Server / AD Printing

The ECE department also has a new print server cluster which is currently in development. More information to come.

From Windows

Link to Article about Link to 2nd article about printing from personal windows boxes.

From Linux / Unix

For more information about printing within the ECE department, please visit the Eos Printing Guide. Once here, you can find explicit directions on printing from Unix/Linux printers.

From Macintosh

Large Format Printer

Currently the department has available a HP DesignJet 500 capable of printing posters, displays, and banners on 36" rolls. The printer is named BLUEWHALE, and is restricted to faculty and staff at this time. Graduate students will not have access, and will need to have their advisor print their posters.

For assistance with printing, please view the Large Format Printing Guide. We also provide a sample poster template, created by Dr. Doug Barlage, for printing research posters. It includes a number of suggestions for best practices in the printing of these posters. Also, we have set up a Windows workstation next to the printer for you to use while printing your posters. We strongly encourage you to use this station so that you are close enough to the printer to cancel documents that are printing incorrectly in order to save toner and paper.

For further assistance with printing, see Brian Carty in 3218 EB2 or Tiffany Williams in 3114 EB2. Please do not change settings on the printer or attempt to load new toner or paper rolls yourself. If you need technical assistance with the printer, email, or if an emergency, call the Wolftech workroom at 515-0124.

Medium Format Printer

The department is investigating the purchase of a smaller poster printer. As a part of making that decision, Michael Steer has volunteered the use of his Epson Stylus Photo 1280. We have purchased extra toners and 13.0" x 19.0" white glossy and non-glossy photo quality paper, and would like to hear your thoughts on whether you'd use such a printer for your research posters.

We've attached a poster template for the printer.

The printer will not be publically available as a part of this test. Please submit any print requests to Dayle Kelley (


NC State provides easily accessible, professional grade printers to students, faculty, and staff for a minimal cost. WolfCopy is responsible for maintenance and support of the printers in the public labs. The 6 cent fee for printing is used to offset the cost of paper, toner, labor, etc. Full color printing is also available in select labs for $0.60 per page.

To be able to use the public printers, you must purchase print quota from WolfPrint. You can find instructions on how to do this at the above link. However, the minimum purchase is $5.00, which will pay for about 83 pages. When you print a page, $0.06 will deducted from you print quota account. To check your print quota or your WolfCopy usage, visit the WolfPrint Utility.

You are even able to print off of lab printers from your personal computer. To do this, you must log-in to the WolfPrint Utility. If you click on the "Print a File" link, you will be sent to a page with a dialouge box with a "Browse..." button next to it. Select the file you wish to print, and then choose your printer and click the print button. Your quota will be deducted automatically. To do this, make sure your file is a PDF, PostScript, or plain vanilla ASCII file. Otherwise, it will not get printed correctly. To print Office documents, they must first be distilled into Adobe PDF files. For information on this process try the WolfPrint FAQ.