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Stub Page for Review Promotion and Tenure Tool. Needs screenshots w/names hidden. http://www.wolftech.ncsu.edu/rpt/

Main page:

  • Purpose / Goal
  • General Authorization Info
  • Timeline/Milestone Info/Explanation
  • Gaining Access


  • User Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Document Management
  • Versioning
    • Get the list of updates from Stein and order by Date Changed
    • Most recent one is 09-06-06: Added ability to upload .DOC files.

Choose the are u are affiliated with.

1. Choose the area you're affiliated with from the dropdown menu. If no areas appear, contact WolfTech Webmaster.


2. Faculty up for RPT process; clicking the names brings up a window with links to documents and comments when permissions allow.
3. Current Page
4. If DVF/RPT voting is open, a link will appear to vote.
5. Displays what step in the process the user is at.

Manage Candidates

6. Clicking these links brings up new window
7. Not everyone will see everything in this new window. It depends on permissions.

Choose the are u are affiliated with.

8. This screen comes up when u click "Add A New Candidate" link on Manage Cadidates page.

Choose the are u are affiliated with.

9. All users have access in department, by adding them here allows them to see dropdown menu. This is edited by Department Head Chair.

Choose the are u are affiliated with.

10. Assign roles a user has in this RPT group.

Choose the are u are affiliated with.

11. Document upload interface. Documents for Department/College/University levels are all separate.