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In the Fall of 2005, we received a request to assist with the paperwork involved in the departmental and college Review, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) committees. After much coding, many changes, numerous feature requests, we are now able to publically present RPT Online.


RPT Online is designed to assist departments and their colleges with the workflow and paperwork associated with their yearly Review, Promotion, and Tenure committees. It allows these groups to work online and to share documents and commentaries on each of the candidates. Should a department wish, the system will allow for electronic voting on each candidate. Finally, it provides a central location for college level committees to review the departmental candidates presented to them.

The following subpages will futher illustrate the features of the system, as well as provide detailed instructions:

Warning NoticeAll candidate data within RPT Online is erased each year in preparation for the next selection of candidates.

Gaining Access

All College of Engineering departments should have access -- all current department heads and administrative assistants have been entered into the system as of October 25th, 2006. Any other colleges interested in the use of this tool may email wolftech-webmaster@ncsu.edu to request access.