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The Computer Organization and Logic Lab is used by the ECE 206, Introduction to Computer Organization, classes. The class itself introduces students to the key ideas of effieciently organizing a computer, not only the hardware but the software as well. The lab will reinforce these concepts by giving students exposure to basic computer software and hardware. Microprocessor design, switching circuits, and direct memory access are some of the hardware concepts students will work with, while logic access, assembly language programming, and number representation are some of the software ideas students will deal with. ECE 206 students will also familiarize themselves with the LC3 and Cygwin, both unique to this class and lab.

Lab Schedule

1014 EB2 Schedule

The schedule is subject to change at anytime, so check back often. To schedule this lab, email ecehelp@ncsu.edu.


Model: Dell OptiPlex 745
Processor: Pentium Core2Duo 2.13 GHz
RAM: 2048 MB
Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Number of Computers: 32



Room Layout