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Engineering Entrepreneurs Lab

The Engineering Entrepreneurs Lab is located in the 2004 EBII suite and provides workspace, tools and equipment for students participating in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP).

The Engineering Entrepreneurs Lab is composed of three workrooms for project teams, a workshop, and an open workspace area. The workrooms are each used by separate student teams participating in the EEP, and each room provides a dedicated space for the project teams as well as instrumentation and two computer workstations. The workshop contains one computer workstation, a drill press and machining equipment, and a wide assortment of tools for student use. The open workspace provides a common meeting space, a shared printer for all teams, workbenches, and additional storage for tools, components, and equipment.

Initially started in 1993 and then expanded to all departments in the College of Engineering in 2002, the EEP is designed as a full-immersion educational environment in which students integrate the skills and knowledge that they have learned in their engineering studies and synthesize new technology products and startup business ideas. Lectures and seminars provide students the opportunities to interact and learn from faculty and industry leaders, while developing their product and virtual start-up allows them to develop skills in team leadership, organization, management, and problem solving. In 2008, the EEP became a member of the newly-formed Entrepreneur Initiative at NC State University, and partners with the College of Management and the College of Textiles to promote entrepreneurship and innovation across the entire university.

Course Information

The Engineering Entrepreneurs Lab is utilized by students participating in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP). This program consists of two capstone courses for Senior undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. In these courses, students are required to organize teams of undergraduates called eTeams, run their senior design projects as virtual start-up companies where they serve as eTeam executives, and develop an original idea for a prototype product within the virtual start-up. Students in the ECE 383 introductory course serve as eTeam members in capacities commensurate with their knowledge and skills and report directly to the eTeam executives.

At the end of the semester, EEP Design Day is held at NCSU in conjunction with ECE Senior Design Day, and it is where students showcase their prototype products and eTeam businesses. Additionally, two eTeams are generally invited to present at the College of Engineering's Innovator's Forum.

For more information on the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP), please see:


Number of Computers:
  • 7
Operating System:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Dell Optiplex 760
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz
  • 4096
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Matlab
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • OpenAFS/Kerberos
  • Starnet X-win32
  • Sun Java JRE
  • WinSCP SFTP client
  • 2 Agilent 54622D 100 MHz Oscilloscope
  • 2 Agilent MSO6012A 100 MHz Oscilloscope
  • 5 Agilent 53220A 20 MHz Function Generator
  • 2 Fluke 111 Handheld Multimeters


Team room
Team room
Common workspace

Room Layout