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Wireless Networking Lab

The Wireless Networking Lab supports both graduate and undergraduate studies in the fields of computer networking and network-based services. This lab contains one of the largest collections of computers and technology of any of our teaching labs, and is divided into two sections: the first provides a large number of Linux and Windows-installed computers for graduate courses and research, while the second provides "hubs" that consist of multiple computers, ethernet switches and routers and are used for projects and undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate courses in this lab introduce students to hardware, software, and concepts found within the networking field, while more advanced courses focus on wireless and cellular networks and technology. Additionally, the lab supports graduate research as well as undergraduate projects. In conjunction with other labs, the Wireless Networking lab supports the Master of Science degree in Computer Networking (MSCN) and its concentrations (e.g., SSME). As a joint effort between the College of Engineering and the College of Management, the program blends the technical and management aspects of computer networking in order to offer students a truly unique educational opportunity.

Lab Schedule

The schedule is subject to change at anytime, so check back often. To schedule this lab, email ecehelp@ncsu.edu.

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Related Research Areas

Common Courses


Undergraduate Network Hubs:
  • 6, configured as follows
  • 4 Linux-installed desktop computers (2 possible models)
    • Dell Optiplex GX400
    • Dell Dimension 4400
  • 4 rack-mounted Gigabit hubs (2 possible models)
    • 3COM LinkBuilding FMS II
    • 3COM SuperStack II
  • 4 rack-mounted access routers (2 possible models)
    • Cisco model 2514
    • Cisco model 2611
  • 2 Cisco Catalyst 1900 series 10baseT switches

General use Linux computers:
  • 16
Operating System:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Dell Precision 370
  • Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
  • 2048

General use Windows computers:
  • 6
Operating System:
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Dell Dimension 4550
  • Pentium 4 2.5 GHz
  • 1024

Additional Equipment:
  • 1 Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter
  • 2 Agilent E3630A Triple Output Power Supplies
  • 2 Agilent 54622D 100 MHz Oscilloscopes
  • 1 HP 4934A TIMS
  • 4 Cisco PIX 515E Security Appliance


Room view
Pod view

Room Layout