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Analog and Digital Circuits Lab

The Analog and Digital Circuits Lab provides a mix of computers and equipment for our students, and the open arrangement allows for instructors to easily move between stations to provide support and instruction. Each of the 13 student workstations includes an oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, and power supply, and is large enough to allow students to work in teams. Additionally, the small-form factor computers at each station give students additional workspace for lab assignments and hands-on work. The lab also contains ample storage for tools, components and equipment as well as a drill press station for more advanced lab assignments.

Lab Schedule

1024 EB2 Schedule

To schedule this lab, email ecehelp@ncsu.edu.

Course Information

The Analog and Digital Circuits Lab hosts the laboratory sessions for the Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering course. Taken at the beginning of an ECE student's undergraduate curriculum, this course introduces students to a wide variety of topics in the fields of engineering, including circuits, photocells, LEDs, and analog and digital signals. Additionally, students receive hands-on experience with equipment and instrumentation that they will use in future ECE courses and potentially in their future careers.