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Backing Up the Raw Pictures

1. Plug the camera into your computer using the USB cable. Turn the dial to the green symbol that looks like a triagle surrounded by a box. Turn the camera on.

2. Open the camera's folder: G:\Removable Disk\DCIM\100OLYMP\.

3. Open locker \\\files\ece\images\2007\.

4. If pictures are taken by anyone other than webteam, they should go in a folder under that photographer realm ID, otherwise, create a folder based on the event name and date.

5. Drag all pictures from folder opened in 2. to folder created in 4.

6. When copying has finished, go through the pictures on the remote location (\\\files\ece\images\) and remove any that are totally unusable (IMPORTANT, do this before erasing pictures from the camera in case you delete a picture you should have kept).

7. Select all photos on camera (G:\Removable Disk\DCIM\100OLYMP\) and delete them.

8. Disconnect the camera and turn it off.