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RPT Online has had MANY changes made to it since its creation. While we'd like to say that all are recorded below, we suspect that these are mostly the highlights and major changes to the interface.


Increase size of MIME field; also made sure the PowerPoint files all had the correct MIME type and made sure HTML and text files could be downloaded.


Added PowerPoint, HTML, and text support for uploads. Dan then fixed the downloading and viewing of the files; problem was caused by the long MIME type for PowerPoint documents not fitting in the field and leave out the case for PowerPoint files in the download statement.


The JavaScript that detected whether or not voting records needed to be cleared was flawed and tripped pretty much every time. Fixed the logic of the JavaScript as well as the PHP that was actually responsible for clearing the data.

Also moved the Manual DVF Voting link to the right column when voting is closed. Also made it so that the RPT utility displays when a user has had the voting performed for him/her manually.

Fixed a bug in the manual voting that cause people to not be able to enter in vote counts.


Made the following changes:

Button Text: Edit Reviewee Information -> Submit

Button Text: Edit -> Update Candidate

Double checked headcounts -- 29 Full DVF and 35 Assoc + Full DVF according to the database. Counts should be pulling the same numbers.

Administrator accounts no longer show up in the user roles list.


  • Added a link to the support pages in the Wiki
  • Fixed an error that caused users to be looked up against the wrong LDAP information, which meant that newer users couldn't be added.


  • SSL encryption *forced* across the entire site.


  • The voting options are in a dropdown menu that now defaults to having no value. If a value isn't selected, the user is now prompted to enter a choice -- if a value is selected, the user is now prompted with a box to confirm their vote.


  • After 10 votes are cast in DVF voting, a list of the users who can participate in the vote, but haven't yet, will be displayed under the vote count to the RPT Chair and the Department Head.


  • Set default year to 2006. No other year is selectable. Effectively removed the multiyear ability of the application in favor of a clean slate each year. See point below.
  • A Clear RPT option has been added to flush the old information from the database and prepare for a new year's worth of information in either the entire RPT system or just information added by one college or department.
  • On the "Manage Roles" page, users full names are now displayed. The button text has also been changed.
  • Also on the "Manage Roles" page, a Unity ID/User Lookup has been added to allow users to be searched for if their Unity ID isn't known.
  • The text changes requested by Tom Conte were made
  • An interface has been added to upload sample documents to a college/department
  • The text about the 15MB upload limit has been made more prominenet and is followed by instructions from Adobe about how to reduce the size of a PDF
  • Documents can now be renamed
  • Milestone bug that prevented a college from passing a professor back down to the department level has been resolved.
  • Descriptions of milestones now appear on the bottom of the page that lists all the candidates and their current milestone.
  • Comments are viewable only by RPT Committee Members at the level at which they are made. Departmental comments can only be seen at the departmental level, college at the college level, and so on.
  • Added information on the date a candidate document was uploaded as well as what level it was uploaded at (i.e. D for Department, C for College)
  • Revamped the document permission system. The current things are now true:
    • Documents can be viewed, deleted, and renamed at the level they were uploaded at;
    • Department documents can also be viewed at the college and university level;
    • College documents can be viewed at the college level and the university level
    • University documents can be viewed at the university level only


RPT launched for COE usage. Quickly realize that instructions on how to keep PDFs under 15MB is needed.


  • DVF groups added to user management
  • Voting added
  • additional ranks and sample documents added.


Planning for multitiered version of the application begins, allowing college and NCSU levels of use.

  • decisions "option" added (later changed to 'recommendation')
  • Advocates added for each candidate


  • control access to the RPT system and assign roles (reviewer, uploader, etc)
  • ability to add reviewees to the system
  • can upload PDFs and associate with each reviewee
  • make comments on each reviewee (all reviewers will have this ability).


  • Initial tool requested for ECE departmental level use