Xerox Printing Guide for Windows

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Adding the Printer

DOLPHIN is available over the network via our domain print server. To add the copier/printer to your machine, please view the following pages:

Important Notes

  • We strongly encourage you to make use of DOLPHIN for print/copy jobs that exceed 35 total sheets.
  • "Sheets" refers to a full sheet of paper. So 35 sheets could be a 35 page document, or 5 copies of a 7 page document.
  • DOLPHIN is black and white only.
  • DOLPHIN will automatically create a cover page for your job which shows the date and time of the print out and your username for easy identification.
  • DOLPHIN can also auto-collate and staple your document(s), as well as produce booklet-style printouts or multiple-pages-on-a-page for handouts. Additionally, DOLPHIN can three-hole punch your documents for use in standard binders.

Available Supplies

  • By default, DOLPHIN is loaded with standard 8.5 x 11 white paper.
  • For jobs requiring paper in different colors, styles or sizes, supplies must be manually loaded before running your job. Also, remaining supplies should be unloaded from the printer after your job is finished.

Printing a Document

Pictures and descriptions of features and print process coming soon.