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You don't want to be dealing with the basics of setting up and adminstrating your computer network -- you want to be focusing on your department or college's specific, and specialized needs. Take the opportunity to take a lot of the basic support infrastructure out of your worries.

WolfTech Domain Overview

  • Departments have their own OU with delegation of control
  • Accounts created and managed by an automated feed from campus LDAP.
  • Passwords are synchronized with the Campus Password change page (
  • AD hosted by 3 DCs running Windows 2003, distributed to meet campus disastery recovery policies.
  • Only campus domain to pass the NCSU Active Directory IT Audit review.
  • Utilizes the campus DNS servers (running on Unix) -- seemlessly ties into campus usage of QIP
  • Provide "help desk" type support to help with simple AD related issues (such as unlocking accounts, help with GPO, creating new OU for a new dept.)
  • All ongoing care and feed of the AD (backup, domain check, security updates, etc) provided.

Solve Your Windows Issues

  • the ability to implement group policy to force machines to use a WSUS server for updates
  • antivirus installation and updating
  • pushing out software such as Microsoft Office to the desktop
  • password consolidation
  • enforced password complexity
  • optional local administrator password randomization and control
  • ability to redirect folders (My Documents) to network storage for a department and do regular backups
  • use Remote Assistance to effectively assist distributed users regardless of location
  • easier printer access - printers can be listed in the directory, giving users "point and click" installations
  • easier file sharing between computers
  • remotely push "gpupdate" / "reboot" / "shutdown" commands to your computers
  • all the other cool kids are doing it -- you know you want to...

Additional Benefits

  • student accts
  • class groups
  • reporting
  • webinterfaces (coming soon)
  • SAV server
  • WSUS server (automated patching)
  • printer reports (in planning)
  • inventory / software management
  • integration with MBDv3 inventory software
  • tested and production integration with campus storage management system

In the Works... / Wishlist

  • Linux integration
  • Macintosh integration
  • WolfCopy integration
  • Wake On LAN support