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For those who wish to learn more about Active Directory, the following links and docs are recommend reading.

  SysAdmin Presentation [docs/SysadminWorkshop08052003.pdf pdf] [docs/SysadminWorkshop08052003.ppt ppt]
  Presentation made by Dan Green and Billy Beaudoin at the 8-5-2003 Engineering SysAdmin meeting.
  AIT AD Presentation [docs/AIT_120605.pdf pdf] [docs/AIT_120605.ppt ppt]
  Presentation made by Dan Green at the 12-06-2005 Academic IT Directors meeting.
  <a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft HiEd Site </a>    
  Higher education resources from Microsoft for college and university students, instructors and technology specialists. Includes tutorials and other resources for software and technology training.
  <a href="" target="_blank">Windows HiEd List </a>    
  List to enable Higher Education technical discussion about Windows issues and to give Microsoft representatives a forum to hear what the HiEd community wants. Most of the discussion surrounds Active Directory, but other Windows-related topics are welcome.
  [docs/passmig.htm" target="_blank" Enabling User/Password Migration]    
  Explains how to enable migrating users and passwords to another domain.