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For those who wish to learn more about Active Directory, the following links and docs are recommend reading.

  SysAdmin Presentation pdf ppt
  Presentation made by Dan Green and Billy Beaudoin at the 8-5-2003 Engineering SysAdmin meeting.
  AIT AD Presentation pdf ppt
  Presentation made by Dan Green at the 12-06-2005 Academic IT Directors meeting.
  Microsoft HiEd Site    
  Higher education resources from Microsoft for college and university students, instructors and technology specialists. Includes tutorials and other resources for software and technology training.
  Windows HiEd List    
  List to enable Higher Education technical discussion about Windows issues and to give Microsoft representatives a forum to hear what the HiEd community wants. Most of the discussion surrounds Active Directory, but other Windows-related topics are welcome.
  NetPro AD Disaster Recovery Guide    
  Documentation for AD disaster recovery scenarios.
  AD Operations Guide    
  Provides step-by-step instructions for a myriad of AD tasks.