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Requests for admin access


Admin access setup on <machine>. If you're currently logged in, you'll need to log out and log back in for changes to take effect.

Notes on Admin access:

File servers, web and ftp servers are not allowed on Department machines. Also, do not install firewall softwares, and be careful of any changes you must make to system and network settings.

Linux Sudo

You have been granted sudo access on <machine>. The use of sudo gives you the ability to run commands with root permissions but only requiring your normal login access/password.

The basic use of sudo is, at a command prompt (xterm or other terminal of choice):

sudo COMMAND [command options]

Here, COMMAND is the command you wish to run with elevated permissions followed by any options necessary to the command (the [] indicates optional -- not something that you actually type).

You will be asked to enter a password -- this will be your Unity/Eos password that you regularly use to login to the machine. After successfully entering your password the command will be executed. Any further use of sudo in the next few minutes will NOT require you to re-enter your password.

File servers, web and ftp servers are not allowed on Department machines.

Software requests

<software> assigned to <machine>. Restart your machine in 15-20 minutes and the software should install during bootup. Laptops must be connected to the on-campus wired network during the restart.

New Windows Updates Email

New Updates

New User Added

New user added to <Group/Faculty name> group.

Username and password for WOLFTECH-domained machines should be the same as their university username and password. If they receive a password error though, the passwords should be synchronized by going to

Teaching Lab Emails

Teaching Lab Emails

ADS License Error

Go to Start -> Programs -> Advanced Design Systems 2006U1 -> ADS Tools, and run the License Preference Tool. Click on the license bundle on the left hand side, click the "Add >>" button to move it to the right hand side, then click OK. Doing it once should affect all users.