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Be a Responsible Print Steward!

We are not currently using print quotas but expect you to be conservative with your printing.

  • Print duplex whenever you can!
  • Use color printers responsibly! Try not to use them for black&white prints only.
  • Consider whether you really need to print a document:
    • Share documents with co-workers via email, Google Docs, or shared network space,
    • Use screen previewers rather than throwing large draft documents at the printers,
    • Utilize document markup and comments features in modern document editing software.
  • Do not use printers for multiple copies. Please request a photo-copier allocation and use the photocopier if you need multiple copies of documents.
  • Use the high-capacity printer (DOLPHIN) when you find you must print large-volume jobs (either very large documents or multiple copies).
  • If you find that a printer is running low on toner or having other problems, please notify us.
  • It costs the department between 4 and 8 cents per page for paper, toner, and other printer supplies (most of this cost is toner). Do help to keep our costs down.
  • Keep printing areas clean. Bring used toner cartridges to WolfTech or the ECE Main Office to be returned, and throw used paper into the recycle bins.

Accessing Department Printers

From Windows

From Linux / Unix

For more information about printing within the ECE department, please visit the Eos Printing Guide. Once here, you can find explicit directions on printing from Unix/Linux printers.

From Macintosh

  • Adding printer to OS X
  • Print drivers for specific models for Apple OS X typically must be downloaded and installed manually. If you need assistance locating or installing a printer driver in OS X, contact WolfTech Support.

Department Shared Printers

A few centrally-located printers are provided to accommodate the various printing needs of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Physical locations, access, and recommended usage varies for these printers, so please review the following sections for more details.

General use Printers

DUSK and DAWN are Dell C3760dn Color Laserjet printers that are located in EB2 for general printing for ECE faculty and staff. These printers provide color and duplex printing capability for those users.

DUSK is located in the ECE Department mailroom in 3018 EB2, and DAWN is located in the Faculty Advising Office in 2116 EB2.

  • Please use these printers responsibly. If you must print large volume jobs, use the large volume printer located in the EB2 Mailroom (described in the section below).
  • Please notify WolfTech of any issues or low toner warnings.
  • Apple Users: When adding these printers to machines running Apple OS X, you must download and install the driver manually. Dell's OS X driver for the C3760dn can be downloaded from here.

Large Volume Printer / Copier

Located in the ECE Department mailroom in 3018 EB2, DOLPHIN is a Xerox WorkCentre Pro 5675 that is capable of handling large print and copy jobs and features network printing and stapling/collating. DOLPHIN is restricted to ECE faculty, staff, and research assistants (RAs) and is available via the ECE network print server.

  • Physical access to DOLPHIN is restricted to Faculty and Staff (as it's located in the mailroom).

In order to reduce costs, the Department encourages faculty and staff to make use of DOLPHIN for jobs that exceed 35 total sheets. For technical assistance, please email For details and directions on how to add and make use of this department resource, please view the following pages:

Large Format Printer

Currently located in 3029 EB2, BLUEWHALE is a HP DesignJet 500 capable of printing posters, displays, and banners on 36" rolls. Access is restricted to faculty, staff, RAs and TAs.

For details and directions on how to add and make use of this department resource, please view the following pages:

We also provide a sample poster template, created by Dr. Doug Barlage, for printing research posters. It includes a number of suggestions for best practices in the printing of these posters. Also, we have set up a Windows workstation next to the printer for you to use while printing your posters. We strongly encourage you to use this station so that you are close enough to the printer to cancel documents that are printing incorrectly in order to save toner and paper.

For further assistance with printing, contact WolfTech Support. Additional toner and paper is provided in the supply closet in 3029 and instructions are provided for loading new toner and paper. If you need technical assistance with the printer, email, or if an emergency, call the Wolftech workroom at 515-0124.

(For those users outside of EB2, REDWHALE is an identical model and provides the same features and functionality. It is located on the fourth floor of the MRC, near the north-side elevator. There is no workstation nearby at this time though.)


A WolfPrint printer (eb2-1046-1) is available outside 1029 EB2. Workstations are also available in that same area (more machines will be provided once additional power/network is installed in that location).

WolfCopy has partnered with the Office of Information Technology to provide a service known as WolfPrint. WolfCopy provides accounted printers for use in many public computing labs on campus and is responsible for the paper, toner, routine maintenance and repairs of these printers. The 6 cent fee in Unity Labs and the 10 cent fee in the libraries for printing is used to offset maintenance and supply costs. Full color printing is also available in select labs for $0.25 per page. Funds will be now be drawn from your AllCampus Account.

Also, WebPrint allows users to print from laptops or other personal computers. WebPrint is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a Web browser, and can be accessed from here. Please note, WolfPrint only accepts PDF files. Additionally, if you wish to print from off-campus, you must first connect to the NCSU VPN Service.

WolfPrint uses PaperCut's print solution for accounted printing. PaperCut works by intercepting print jobs as they pass into a print queue and extracts job information such as page counts. It calculates the cost of the print job and deducts the funds accordingly from your allcampus account. For details on AllCampus accounts at NCSU, visit their website. To check your AllCampus balance, account activity, and deposit funds (students only, faculty and staff must use payroll deduction), visit AllCampus Online.

Additional Information about WolfPrint

WolfPrint homepage

WolfPrint User FAQ

Print Rates