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Active Directory Users and Computers

Automatic Logon

Administrative Users

Automatic Updates (WSUS)

Disaster Recovery


File Servers

Folder Redirection

Distributed File System (DFS)

Group Policy

Group Policy Preferences

Internet Explorer 7



Options for integrating Mac OS X clients with AD

With the included Active Directory plug-in, OS X can be configured to authenticate to an AD domain, and use network home directories. More comprehensive management (MCX) requires one of the 3 options below:

Additional resources:

  1. Best Practices: Integrating Mac OS X with Active Directory

Issues to address:

  1. Configuring your mac to use your UnityID/paswd (specifically, by authing against the DCs, but alternatively against the campus KDC). Plus how the laptop reacts when not on the network - should be caching.
  2. Adding your Mac to the domain.
  3. Restricting access to AD defined users.
  4. Printing from your domain'd mac to a Windows print server; and to a WolfCopy printer.
  5. Accessing Windows file shares from your domain mac
  6. Why DFS doesn't work, or if the new OS fixes this. And steps to get around this (3rd party apps - AdmitMac) or things to look out for).
  7. Options to apply policies to the mac client via GP? (likely to require 3rd party apps)
  8. Scripts to inventory hardware/applications on your mac clients (longterm we'd want a WolfTech Collector Agent for Macs)
  9. AFS client for Macs
  10. Software distribution to Mac via GP?


Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)


New OU Admins


Public Labs / Kiosks

Remote Assistance

Remote Installation Services (RIS)


Services for UNIX

Software Packaging

Symantec Antivirus (SAV)

Teaching Labs

User Account Control (UAC)

Virtual Servers


Windows 2003 Server R2

Windows Defender

Windows Deployment Services (WDS)