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Basic TL stuff (because I'll never remember)

Workstudy Education


  • Adding GWIM to pidgin
    • 1) install the software from
    • 2) Open the software and either press Ctrl+A if it does not already ask to set up an account
    • 3) Click "Add"
    • 4) Select "Groupwise" from the protocol pull down
    • 5) Put in your username as your login - for me this was "egpritch" with no extension
    • 6) Put in your regular login password
    • 7) click "remember password"
    • 8) Clock the "Advanced" Tab at the top
    • 9) For server address enter ""
    • 10) For server port leave "8300"
    • 11) Click save
  • F#%@ing with Server Core
    • dism /online /enable-feature /featurename: (alternative to ocsetup)
    • oclist | more
    • regedit works
    • pnputil (for installing drivers)
      • pnputil -i -a <path to INF file>
    • driverquery (get list of installed drivers)
    • wusa.exe <patch>.msu /quiet
    • WMIC QFE >PATCHES.TXT (List of installed patches)
  • Setting up IIS remote management
    • Enable NetFx2-ServerCore and IIS-ManagementService
    • Change the value for EnableRemoteManagement to 1 in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WebManagement\Server
    • net start wmsvc (Manual service)

  • Command line for MSI/MST installs
    • msiexec /qb /i "msi filename"TRANSFORMS="mst filename"
    • installs MSI with MST, shows progress bar and no interaction from user
  • Cleaning up cached credentials for adding printers on personal machines
    • Start -> Run -> rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr
    • Opens applet to update or remove cached credentials
    • Should be an entry for "eceprint" or "" (or any future print servers we set). Can change password for entry, or remove entry.
    • Probably need to also restart computer before attempting to add the printer again


  • Printing to BLUEWHALE
  • Printing to MASTIFF
    • Windows -FINISHED / IN PLACE