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WolfTech Webteam Handbook

Late Timesheet Procedures

If, for some reason, your timesheet is not turned in to Margaret on time, you can pursue one of two paths. First, you can either turn your timesheet in yourself. Or, you simply turn it in late, and collect two paychecks four weeks from when it was due.

Turning it in yourself

If you realize your mistake before the Monday your timesheet is officially due, you can still print your timesheet and get paid on time. The Monday it is officially due, you need to track down Margaret and get her to sign your timesheet. Once this is done, you need to make your way to EBII and turn your timesheet in to Tiffany in the ECE office.

Turing it in late

Most of the time you are not going to realize your mistake until it is too late to turn it in on-time. If this is the case, you need to wait until the next work period is over and you would normally turn in your timesheet. This time, print off the timesheet for the current period and the one previous. Make sure the information is accurate on each and turn them in to Margaret as usual. However, make sure you tell her you are turning in two timesheets because you missed last cycle.