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WolfTech Webteam Handbook

Getting a Task from Remedy

Remedy is a tool used to post questions, problems, or information regarding various parts of the NCSU website. Any posted bit of information is known as a “call.” As part of the webteam, you may be assigned to resolve some of these calls. In order to retrieve a call, you will need log-in to the Remedy site at . From here, you will be taken to the new call page. If you need to create a call, this is where you do it. There are fields provided to list your contact information, a description of the problem, and drop down boxes to select what kind of call it is.

However, many times you will need to get a call which has already been created. You can do this several ways. One is to put in the call ID number, which will take you directly to the call. Secondly, you can lookup all the calls currently active in any workgroup. Simply select the desired workgroup from the dropdown and click “Lookup.” Thirdly, you can click the “Search” button on the right to go to the search page. Unlike a web search engine, you cannot simply type in keywords. You must modify the string which is in the search field. Change the terms in quotation marks to modify your search.

When you have found the call that you want, click its ID number. This will take you to the call page. To own the call, scroll down the page to the “Status” dropdown list and select “Owned.” Then click “Save Remedy Call.” Once you have owned the call, you may work on resolving it. Once it is complete, change the status to “Closed” and save it. This call will no longer appear under your owned calls list. If you have been assigned calls from a supervisor, these will appear under your owned calls list. Follow the same procedure as above to modify and complete them.