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Timesheet Due Dates and Paydays

Timesheets are due to Margaret every other Friday. Typically, new semesters will begin halfway through a pay period, so you need to check this at the begining of the semester. Otherwise, remembering timesheet due dates is pretty simple. If Friday is a payday, timesheets are due that day.

On or before these Fridays, you will need to ensure that your timesheets have been signed and turned into your supervisor. If you receive direct deposit, you can also expect you paycheck to be available in your bank account on these days.

The best way to ensure you are filling out timesheets properly is to go to the Payday tool and fill in the hours you worked immediately after working. Make sure that you save but DO NOT lock your timesheet. By doing this you do not need to remember at the end of two weeks when you did or did not work. In addition, your timesheet is ready to be printed at the end of the pay period.