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WolfTech Webteam Handbook

Mailing Lists

When you join the WolfTech Webteam, you will automatically be signed up for a group of mailing lists. Don't fret, though, you will not see your inbox explode with a ton of new email. The mailing lists you will be signed up for are ece-support, ece-websupport, and php-hackers. You will know if a message is from one of these lists if you see [ece-support], [ece-websupport], or [php-hackers] as the first word in the subject of the email.

The ece-support mailing list is used for everybody who works with the ECE Team. Of the three, this is the most active. Most of the emails to come out of this list will be general announcements and information which effect many people within the ECE Department. You may also see important or hard to answer questions come through from time to time.

The ece-websupport is only for the team members who are also a part of the WolfTech Webteam. You will generally not see too many e-mails from this list. However, when you get emails from this list, they are typically very important.

The php-hackers list is used for people to share various tips and tricks related to php coding. You will rarely ever see any emails from this list.