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ECE Employment Forms

In order to begin working for the ECE Department, there are several forms which you must complete. These forms are: direct deposit enrollment, ECE information sheet, Selective Services Registration Compliance, and INS Employment Eligibilty Verificaiton. However, you will only need to fill out these forms once, the first time you begin working with the ECE Department.

Since most of these forms have common items, the ECE Department has created a form generation tool which makes filling in required information much easier. The tool, located at, will ask for important, specific information. Be prepared to know your name, address(es), race, major, gender, and other hard to remember information.

Down at the bottom of the page, there is a section titled "Direct Deposit Information." Fill in your work phone number and bank name in the the space provided. The easiest thing to do at this point is select the option "A CHECK marked ' VOID,' with my preprinted name & current address." If you do not have preprinted checks, you will need either a deposit slip or official bank form to complete this step. The main idea here is that you have an official bank document with your routing number and bank account number preprinted.