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*[[/MediaWiki: WebDev Install]]
*[[/MediaWiki: WebDev Install]]
*[[/Drupal: WebDev Install]]
*[[/Drupal: WebDev Install]]
*[[/IIS Websites Design Notes|IIS Websites Design Notes]]
*[[/Bizhub C353 Scan to SMB Instructions]]
*[[/Bizhub C353 Scan to SMB Instructions]]

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VHOST Issues

  • need /tmp in open_basedir -- removes upload issues/errors
  • need /afs/eos.ncsu.edu/engrservers/www/wolftech/ in open_basedir
  • need site writeable by server across the board (now that we can't use AFS client per dir, this is a pain)
  • Issues w/ .htaccess -- both WP and Drupal want to use; can we stop Apache from freaking out with their default ones?
  • need realpath_cache_size increased from 16K to 64K -- Drupal runs better. We've seen posts where they recommend much higher, but let's start with this.
  • memory_limit bumped to 64MB? -- recommended for many drupal sites / packages. (OpenPublish wants a minimum of 128MB; which I personally think is extreme)
  • more control over Apache mod_rewrite would be nice.
  • installation of APC -- need to check on this -- Drupal wants; think I've read Wordpress might not like.


(ECE News moving to WordPress)

Basically, it's an open_basedir nightmare. It's not like Drupal where we can turn a few knobs in the right direction and be off to the races - i'm running into issues everywhere.

Nearly every script in subfolders (like admin) is trying to include from the base folder and/or the wp-includes subfolder.

Wordpress seems to be using the same ABSPATH variable to determine where to pull includes from AND things like CSS, JS, etc. which would completely screw us even if we got everything working from _includes.

We could maybe get it working, but it would require a huge amount of tweaking and make keeping it up-to-date nearly an impossible chore. This leads to severe security issues since WordPress is probably the most hacked site engine there is if not kept up-to-date.

Before it angered me and I nuked it, the stuff in the base directory seemed to like it was working and I got all the tables/etc. successfully installed after a little tweaking - it's just that that's not helpful if we can't do anything in the admin area.


Other Stuff


/Transclusion Test

/Remedy Wishlist

/News Sources

/End of Year Notes


/GroupWise Setup

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