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WolfTech Webteam Handbook

Wolftech Webteam Epilogue

Well, since 1989, there have been many a person to come through the Wolftech Webteam and leave his or her mark (but mostly his) with us. As each of our stays with the Wolftech Webteam comes to a close, I'm sure you've felt like leaving one last mark, making one last statement. So, here is your chance to give us something that will stay with until the end of time (or at least until our computers get destroyed and we lose all our data).

Below, you will find a listing of all the Webteamers Past. Just remember when you are making your comment there are three other rules:

  • No usage of profanity
  • No inciting riots
  • You can't defame Margaret

Other than that, anything goes.

Name Position Comments
Jeremy Leipzig Web Developer
Peter Nyberg Web Developer
Ray Black Assistant Webmaster
Phillip Idem Assistant Webmaster
Ege Hurgel Assistant Webmaster
Neill Robins Assistant Webmaster
Ben Sintay Assistant Webmaster
Michael Vysocka Assistant Webmaster
Miah Wander Assistant Webmaster
Dan Bedell Web Assistant
Chaitanya R. Kundavaram Web Assistant
Travis Devers Webteam Analyst
Joshua Martin Webteam Scripter
Jeremiah Reid Webteam Scripter
Gregory Roberts Webteam Scripter
Willie Vinson Webteam Scripter
Peter Gerakios Webteam Editor "Peter Gerakios is a great and wise man who roams the Earth seeking bumble bees and rattle snakes. The bumble bees are so that he can start his own honey making industry. He desires to create a virtual monopoly on the honey making industry. This will bring him great wealth. The rattle snakes serve Peter Gerakios two purposes. One, he will harvest their venom in an attempt to venomize the common tree squirrel found on NC State's campus. Two, he desires to create a giant rattle. Someday, Paul Bunyon is going to have a kid, and when that day comes, Peter Gerakios will be prepared to sell Mr. Bunyon a rattle for his baby.

In summation, Peter Gerakios will one day have the world's greatest honey monopoly. His presence in the global economy will be protected by the army of venemous squirrels and Paul Bunyon's baby. "